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What Can You Expect?

After talking to Jan about your situation, she’ll suggest a convenient time frame, a format and give you her fee structure. If you haven’t found answers in group public speaking classes and are still wrestling with public speaking fears, this private coaching with a high level of individual attention is for you.

The initial conversations are only a fraction of the preparation time that Jan undertakes before your first session. You’ll be introduced to the renowned “BOX” with your name on it. The customized contents reflect your answers to two questionnaires, Jan’s interviews and research on you, your organization and your audiences. And it is updated every time she meets with you. You’ll receive a Technically Speaking text that documents the principals of communication and a preparation letter.

Attitudes always come before skills.

That is why Jan has adapted artistic processes and theatrical techniques from her extensive background in film, theater, television and radio to help her clients become more authentic and manage their fears and anxieties. Clients report a new-found confidence from their sessions. Jan provides a safe, non-threatening atmosphere so you feel at ease being video-taped and receiving constructive feedback.

Progress Reports

You'll receive comprehensive reports that recap everything that transpired in each coaching session plus evaluation of your performance plus preparation for our next session plus resources. You'll also receive a full-color notebook for reinforcement.

Why select Jan as your personal coach?

Jan constantly attends classes and monitors best practices of presentations from the most renowned speakers, attending many speeches in person. You will benefit from her current insights for audio-visual creation, leadership in a chaotic world, creating interaction and ways to connect to demanding audiences with nanosecond attention spans. If you'd like to be comfortable developing and telling stories to clarify your complex information and also add a touch of humor, this is the place to learn and develop a compelling voice. (She has a Master's degree in Oral Interpretation.) Jan takes a personal interest in your success for your upcoming presentations as well as your career.

What truly sets Jan apart is her ability to strategize and help develop the content and structure of your speech. Senior executives seek her out for preparing and delivering hi-stakes presentations in science, engineering, technology, life sciences, finance and other diverse subjects. You'll learn an audience-centered perspective on how to approach a presentation that will not only save you time but be productive for both you and your audience.

Let Jan's background, knowledge and skills contribute to your success

"I don't package you, I unwrap you. I start from the inside out. If we improve the dialogue you are having with yourself, your skills will become a natural, permanent part of you. This is true growth. If you learn how to analyze your audience and turn data into useful information, you will be able to compete more effectively. The future is about rapid change. You can call on these new skills, insights and confidence to adapt to any situation. And you can actually enjoy speaking in public!"

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