Performance Skills for

Web-Based Presentations


Would you like to send accurate,

relevant, and timely communications to customers,

staff, or business associates?

Join the millions who are using the internet to inform, influence, market, motivate or persuade. You will be empowered with presence that can literally reach around the world.

Let the Pocket Presentation Coach give you the tools
for a successful presentation, regardless of the technology.

Learn skills for your role as producer, director, and star of your interactive web presentation. I'll share performance skill secrets I have used during my my extensive career in film and television to make you stand out in the marketplace.

Jan D'Arcy had produced, directed and appeared on videoconferences, as well as taught workshops to other presenters and companies on How to Use Videoconferencing Effectively. She is the author of Dr. Jack's Adventures in Videoconferencing Land.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a "comfort level" with cameras
  • Communicate competently with warmth, credibility, and confidence
  • Involve viewers and listeners mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Create a workable format, agenda, and follow-up procedure
  • Design appropriate visuals
  • Develop a colorful, expressive voice
  • Use formulas for fielding questions with ease and brevity.

Many of the above skills are also valuable and appropriate for presenters speaking to the media, explaining company policy on an internal video network, creating a website or YouTube video, or negotiating with clients around the world via telepresence. Individual or group coaching is available.

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“I believe that you are tremendously talented and I would love the opportunity to work with you again.”

Gore Verbinski
Director Ring
Dreamworks, CA
“Ms. D'Arcy is a strong, dynamic and much desired Artist and has worked for me extensively. She brings to all her work a creative magic unlike many other artists. Directors, Producers, Casting Directors working out of Vancouver, B.C. and now major studios are already aware of Jan and her brilliance.”

Stuart Aikens
Casting, Inc.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
“Jan has a special ability to understand and correctly identify the ’communications issue’ and offer solutions. The most important skill was how to breathe correctly and use my voice effectively. I loved the ’impostor complex’ discussion and am hoping I can learn from it. I also realized how much speaking effectively is a mental skill.”

Murray Gibson
Characters Talent Agency
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
“You were fabulous! We received lots of compliments and people requesting CD's from the radio show/webcast. Thanks for being such an exciting guest. You stand out in my mind as being the best and 'funnest.'”

Kate Ellingson
Seattle, WA
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