Special Occasions

Do you need to say something
of value in a compelling way?

Perhaps you've been asked to present an award or you'll be receiving some form of recognition. You may be contributing remarks on a panel or asked to be a moderator. Maybe you don't make presentations on a regular basis and now you're nervous about being in the spotlight. Even the most talented individual can be overwhelmed by daily pressures of professional and personal life. Fears and anxieties may surface because of short lead time, soft information, unknowns about the audience and the physical site or media attention.

A Speech Coach can give you
the skills to look like a pro!

Let me partner with you to un-complicate the situation. I'll help you become a storyteller and incorporate relevant humor, reduce your anxiety, choreograph your presentation from concept to delivery - even to selecting your wardrobe - so the occasion is one you remember with pride.

For years I have successfully coached hundreds of clients on a variety of special public speaking occasions, including:

  • a Harvard alumnus making an introduction for a celebrity classmate at their 25th reunion
  • a timid author who was appearing on talk shows after unknowingly living with a serial killer
  • a well-known basketball star who was terrified of giving an after-dinner speech
  • a woman for a job interview to become the dean of a prominent business school
  • a prospective governor for a critical two-minute TV sound bite
  • a reticent engineer making an acceptance speech for a national award
  • wedding speeches, eulogies, and remarks for conference chairpersons.

Whatever your special occasion presentation,
coaching will ensure that when you step into the
spotlight, you are the best you can be.

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“Thanks Jan for all you have done. I really feel God was gracious in helping make the right choice for a coach. You would have been proud, coach. Got a standing ovation and claps from the whole room and sold all of my books I brought. Good Q&A session after as well, so they were truly engaged. Jan has the skill and expertise to create in you the desired public speaker you want to be. ”

Ezekiel Bambolo, Author
First Born Son
“Jan, With all your help I feel I have crested over a wave and become a strong teacher and speaker. I taught an 8 hour course and a 2 hour course in London. Wow! Everything went so smoothly! I feel so confident! Thank you so much for your wonderful help!”

David Beckstead,
One of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World
Kettle Falls, WA
“From start to finish, Jan has changed everything for me, from taking control to the importance of the voice. I feel absolutely more compelling and credible. Your work makes a difference! Mexico was a hit! I love speaking!”

Paige Kernan
Paige Kernan Company
Santa Barbara, CA
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