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Recently a client lamented, "I'm not good at telling jokes but I know everyone at our regional meeting will expect some humor. The head of our department always starts out with some hilarious incident and then I get up and am serious and boring. What can I do?"

Are you getting the results you want from your presentations  on a consistent basis or do you need to reinvent yourself? Presentation Skills for new media.

Learn quick tips and techniques to improve your presentations - everything from preparation, content, to delivery skills.

Do you end up rehearsing in front of your audience? Rehearsal is an important final step in the process of mastering your material and developing a sense of timing.

Years ago the first cave people sat around a fire and told their friends stories. Their audience fell asleep, threw a rock at him or her, or listened attentively. The objective then and today is to get people to pay attention to what you are saying or be able to adroitly dodge slings and arrows. Care about your audience, be sincere but be brief.

Do you describe yourself as "shy?" Have you ever avoided presenting information at a meeting, given up pursuing your dream job or stayed at home watching TV rather than engage in a social activity? You can overcome shyness by patience, practice, and determination.

Have you ever seen a glazed look in the eyes of your audience while you are speaking? Are you putting off your customers by going into too much detail in a sales presentation? What did your customer really want to know? A confused mind will say, "No!" Your listeners need to thoroughly understand your ideas before they can accept them.

Here are some presentation skill techniques you can use to give your listeners useful knowledge to help them reach their goals - as well as helping you reach yours.

Let‘s face it. Audiences are demanding. Expectations are high. Circumstances are not always ideal. Yet public speakers are expected to be knowledgeable, competent and engaging. If you can immediately connect with your audience, it will easier for you to get your ideas across, accepted, and implemented.

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Try some of the techniques I have suggested. Let me know by email if they help you achieve rapport in your next presentation or you have further questions.


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