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Are you getting nods and polite applause from your presentations? Wouldn't you rather secure
funding, contracts, partnerships or new clients?

You may have a better story than your competition, but you may lose a contract or funding opportunity because they tell their story better. Facts do not speak for themselves! The D'Arcy Method will give you the speaking skills for preparing and delivering clear, concise, and compelling presentations so that your listeners accept, remember, and respond positively. You will learn strategies for managing your fear of public speaking so that you are comfortable and can focus on your audience. I'll help you develop skills to assure the message you intend to send is the message your audience receives!

Who benefits?

  • High tech, life sciences, medical, legal, financial, engineering aerospace, government personnel, IT professionals or anyone who has to deliver clear, concise, and useful technical information
  • Subject-matter experts who need effective delivery skills
  • Team-based presentations, panel discussions, speakers' bureaus
  • Sales representatives or tradeshow spokespeople
  • Technical personnel with English as a second language
  • Personnel making presentations to multi-cultural audiences

You Will Learn How To:

  • Condense large amounts of data
  • Craft vivid analogies and metaphors to clarify concepts
  • Organize your material to keep you and your audience on track
  • Adapt subject matter to audiences with different levels of knowledge
  • Decode abstract information and give creative insights, even with subject matter that
    may be difficult to see, touch, measure, or imagine
  • Lose the bullet points and tell your story visually
  • Develop a compelling delivery that enhances understanding


After talking to Jan about your situation, she will suggest a timeframe, a format and give you her fee structure. When she has completed a thorough analysis of your objectives and personal style, coaching will be customized to your individual needs and schedule. Videotape analysis will help you rapidly progress to a higher level.

What to expect with One-on-One Coaching

  1. 1. One-on-one coaching — Three 3-hour sessions over eight weeks

  2. 2. One-on-one coaching — Intensive program, one or two day sessions.

  3. 3. Small group program — (4-5 participants) one or two day sessions.

  4. Can also include individual coaching during the program.


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Everyone gained a great deal of insight into presenting themselves more effectively. Your drills audience analysis, defining one's image, and preparing in advance were very practical. Similarly, the feedback during the videotaping exercise helped participants focus on their main points and be more concise. Your training was excellent in all respects.”

Mark Peterson, SR VP, Public Relations
Marchex Seattle, WA
“I received many e-mails, voice-mails, and in person compliments similar to: (Best Sales Meeting I have participated in during the last 30+ years. Well thought out and well organized) Ideas seemed to just flow. I now have a team with no boundaries to work with...Next year is going to be great! Your encouraging e-mails were very important to me. Jan, I'm happy you are part of my life and this presentation.”

Carl Iverson, CEO
CH20, Inc. Water Treatment, Agricultural, Industrial, Horticulture,
Olympia, WA
“Our presentation for 10 years of follow-on work with one of our most important clients was a major success. You helped us condense a lot of technical information into a package that met incredibly restrictive requirements by our client. Your coaching of our style of delivery was also much appreciated and your use of videotape feedback was very effective."”

Vivianne C. Larkin, Sr. VP
URS Greiner
Seattle, WA
“Jan coached Chris and me to face a demanding audience of 1500. I felt at ease in spite of the large audience. We have gotten nothing but good feedback.”

Bill Slavicsek, Sr. Developer Wizards of the Coast- Hasbro, Inc.
“The presentation went great. I'm now very confident that I can accept any opportunity to speak and I'm looking forward to the next one. Oh, I got some good laughs as well.”

Greg Aldrich, IT Director
Scottsdale, AZ

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