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Recent Comments from Our Clients:

“Your coaching was excellent! Practical on many levels. My talk went very well. We had a packed audience yesterday, about 400+. Felt relaxed and focused on articulation. Great news! We just got a really big grant to expand Project ECHO! It was incredibly competitive. Thanks for all your help! “



John Scott M.D., M.Sc. Assist. Prof.
Medicine Hepatitis/Liver Clinic, Harborview Med. Center'
Seattle, WA

“Once you helped take the anxiety out of the process, it allowed me to be comfortable, creative and actually enjoy being a speaker. I can’t wait until I have another opportunity to present to a large audience! 2 months ago, I dreaded the thought of presenting.”



Bill Shaheen,Regional VP
Denver, CO

"When I was embarking on a professional speaking career, I was lucky enough to become a student of Jan D'Arcy. Jan's coaching is exacting and demanding as well as gentle and encouraging. That was almost 20 years ago. My career has taken me all over the world, and I continue to take Jan's teaching and insights into communication and presentation wherever I go."      


Robert Spector
Author of 'The Nordstrom Way'

"Jan was extremely effective in pointing out strengths and weaknesses, and was very personable and practical. Jan uses personal anecdotes with lots of humor so that the students learn a great deal from her presentations. Without exception, all wanted to have more time with the class."

Dr. Winona Victery, Sr. Science Policy Adv.
Region 9, Environmental Protection Agency
San Francisco, CA

“I was really pleased with the results. Before the speech I was very relaxed, which was a first for me. The speech was so organized I finished 15 minutes early! One lady asked me, “How did you ever become such a good storyteller?” and another gentleman said, “You’re very good at speaking”. Those two compliments made me feel like I had really excelled in my abilities because they were complimenting my speaking skills and not the content.”



iclickLon McGowan, CEO
Seattle, WA

"Successful meeting! Your coaching regarding audience focus and your encouragement have been the two most valuable aspects of the training. Your are a GREAT teacher!"


Dr. Allan Alexander, Financial Director
Seattle, WA

"Your management of the Speaker Ready Room was instrumental in helping our 325 internationally renowned speakers prepare for their presentations to a demanding audience of heads of state, ambassadors, central bankers and CEOs from nearly 100 countries. I personally know of several potential crisis you were able to avert due to your tact, diplomacy, and experience in assessing situations and acting with decisiveness."

Carl R. Berndtson, Senior Vice President
World Economic Development Congress
Washington, D.C.

“I’m feeling more confident about speaking.  I’m using a more systematic approach. Thinking more deeply about the message I want to leave with the audience. I’ve discovered that voice is very important. This coaching was good.”


pnnlCheryl Cejka, Dir. Technology Commercialization
Pacific Northwest National Labs
Richland, WA

.“The coaching received went better than I expected. I was amazed at how quickly Jan got to know me. The one-day intensive session she put together was exactly what I needed with no wasted time or effort. In many ways a speech is a performance but it is not just reciting words, it is delivering a message to accomplish specific objectives.  I need to think about the audience first and foremost and then make a personal connection with them. As simple as this seems it is a whole new approach for me.” 


Mike Gorman, COO
HWS, Transportation, Geotechnical, Environmental and Civil Engineering,
Omaha, Nebraska

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