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Speech Coach

Executive Speech Coach for
Technical and Scientific Communicators

We turn your ideas into Amazing Presentations!


Are you faced with similar Presentation challenges of my recent clients?

  • Assuming a new Leadership Role
  • Revenue Updates to the Board
  • Launching Products or Services
  • Responding to Regulatory Bodies
  • Appealing to Donors
  • Terminating Employees
  • Pitching to Investors
  • Motivating a Sales Team
  • Persuading Policy Acceptance
  • Delivering a Conference Keynote
  • Being Evaluated for Promotion
  • Leading a Company Merger
  • Telling the Company Story
  • Introducing a King
  • Competing for a Contract
  • Briefing Upper Management
  • English as a second language
  • Developing Client relationships


For the past 27 years I've helped scientists, engineers and technology
experts successfully communicate complex information to
technical and non-technical audiences.


If you want to be certain of my competence as a Speech Coach:
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What to Expect with One-On-One Coaching

a film by Brian Wiedling

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Develop strategies to minimize your fear of public speaking so you can comfortably inform, influence and persuade others. And if you've ever felt like an Impostor, I promise you my coaching will increase your self-confidence so you'll never be intimidated again. Read More...


Key decision makers expect you to be
informative & dynamic. A Confused Mind says 'No!'

Failure is Expensive


blueMy coaching can help you:

  • Save up to 50% of your preparation time
  • Simplify complex information to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Manage and minimize fears and anxieties
  • Analyze your audience to discover what they really want or need to know
  • Adapt to different levels of knowledge
  • Sell yourself and your ideas by projecting competence and credibility
  • Make Q&A the most thought-provoking and successful part of presentation
  • Influence employees, key decision makers and the public

Everything you need to create a Compelling Presentation Strategy. Words. Visuals. Confidence. Delivery.

Your ideas are only as good as your
ability to communicate them.

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“Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has a growing need to engage political and scientific decision makers, as well as other key stakeholders. We hired Jan as part of an effort to help staff confidently and effectively communicate these complex research. Jan spent considerable time with senior Laboratory leadership and did a tremendous job improving the communication and presentation skills of our staff. She is highly skilled and we recommend her to others facing similar issues as ours.”

Jacqueline Fernette, Communications &
External Relations
Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory, (PNNL)

Richland, WA
“Our skills and insight in audience analysis, preparation, and presentation style were greatly enhanced. The techniques have proved to be immediately beneficial to all the participants. You met the challenges we presented and exceeded our expectations.”

James Soeder,
Cleveland, Ohio
“Jan has a special ability to understand and correctly identify the ’communications issue’ and offer solutions. The most important skill was how to breathe correctly and use my voice effectively. I loved the ’impostor complex’ discussion and am hoping I can learn from it. I also realized how much speaking effectively is a mental skill.”

Yogini Kulkarni-Sharma, Mg
Patient Safety Program
Washington State Hospital Association
Seattle, WA
“It went 5 times better than I could have possibly imagined. Rave reviews from all. Everyone was alert and participated. You have made such a significant difference in my presentation skills. Thanks for all your help.”

John Hennessy, CEO
Snoqualmie, WA
“Your content, delivery, expertise and professionalism were greatly appreciated by by those who had the good fortune to attend your sessions.”

Patricia Hayling Price
Armonk, New York
“I suspect your background in film and television serves as a 'strategic advantage' for you in coaching technical people. I think this connection helped you challenge our people to critically evaluate their communication skills and consider creative techniques to enhance their leadership abilities. Our staff members appreciated the tools you provided for managing fears and anxieties.”

Geoffrey E. Roach, Sr Director, HR
Targeted Genetics
Seattle, WA
“I just wanted to thank you again for you support, guidance and confidence in getting ready for last night's event. I think it was a success and I'm confident it will lead to even better opportunities in the future.”

Scott Bright, CEO
Seattle, WA

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